Milton Keynes Half Marathon

Race day arrived today. I signed up to the Milton Keynes half marathon way back in October when I knew I had the London Marathon to train for. It is an easy place to get to from mine and a course I have run before. A few weeks ago, when I was feeling a little too cocky, I thought I might get a new PB today. However, a cold struck last week and I didn’t run at all. So I was just pleased to feel well enough to get up early, lace up my trainers and get out of the door.

The weather forecast was awful for today as were the driving conditions but as I stood on the start line, the rain vanished. It was still overcast, but at least it wasn’t raining. I really did feel for the 20 milers who must have set off in the rain! The announcer did let us all know that one of the underpasses was flooded and that we would get wet feet – before we’d even covered 2 miles!

I set off and streams of people ran past me, but I didn’t want to go off too quickly as I wouldn’t make it round the course. I had been quite near the front of the race, so the 1.45 hr pacer went past me and I thought I’d best slow down a bit. The route is mostly along dual carriageways but also goes through parkland and some scenic villages. The sun came out about 3 miles in, which was a nice boost.

Pacing wasn’t my strongest suit today. You can see my mile splits below.

Mile 1: 10:35 Mile 8: 10:43
Mile 2: 10:16 Mile 9: 11:46
Mile 3: 11:00 Mile 10: 11:07
Mile 4: 10:59 Mile 11: 11:46
Mile 5: 11:13 Mile 12: 12:22
Mile 6: 10:56 Mile 13: 12:48
Mile 7: 11:36  

Despite people overtaking me along the way, I had some people in my sights who I tried to maintain pace with. I ended up sprinting over the line with 2 guys who’d been leapfrogging me constantly along the route. I think they were faster than me due to the chip time, but happy that I pipped them on the finish line! 

I finished in 2 hrs 35 mins, about 15 mins off my PB. While walking to the car, there was a torrential downpour – I really felt for those still out on the course, but also happy to have finished in the nick of time.

Drove home and stopped at a pub for a cheeky Sunday lunch. I also broke my no drinking rule (it’s not been a good week for not drinking but will be back on track tomorrow) and had a cheeky pint. I’m still enjoying the training and looking forward to my next race…twice the distance on London Marathon day. I’m running to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. It turns out we lost my Grandad 8 years ago today to Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s find a cure; please visit my fundraising page

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February round up

So I’ve neglected to write a post for a few weeks. It’s been a tad busy at work and I’ve been doing some stuff other than running, having a life outside of the lycra and trainers! It is no surprise that at the start of March I finally caught the cold that has been threatening for a month or so!

February was another month of training where I stuck to the plan. The plan had me out 4 days a week and here are some stats:

  • 82 miles covered – that’s 7 more than last month!
  • 911 minutes or 15 hours
  • 15 sessions running
  • 1 posh dinner with my buddy
  • 1 secret cinema outing
  • 1 glass of red wine drunk (oops)

I’m looking forward to what the rest of March will bring, especially running in new locations and new routes. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far.

Balancing act 

Running a marathon takes some planning. There are the running sessions to fit in, 4 a week in my case as well as strength training and general life!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had to work hard to create my plan and get into my routine and I’m having to be really disciplined. Even on days where it’s been -3 outside, I’ve had to pull on my running gear and get out the door.

How do people stick to their goals? Why do so many New Years resolutions fall by the wayside?

I read somewhere that it takes 6 weeks to get into a habit. I’m currently on week 4 and to make myself stick to my training plan I have made a chart showing each session. I can move these sessions around if necessary but I’ve tried to accommodate weekend plans and other drop in activities. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a reward. If I complete all my sessions in a week I am rewarding myself with a trip to the cinema or a takeaway for dinner or seeing friends! I also seem to be rewarding myself with biscuits at work whenever I can – so I should probably try and break that habit.

This week has been particularly difficult to balance running, the gym and having a life. I’ve been doing long hours in the office but I did get out for a run after my gym session last night. It was the last thing I wanted to do but I forced myself and ran for an hour in the freezing cold. It’s days like this that make me really motivated to get out there are smash it because I want to improve my fitness and more importantly because I want to raise as much money as I can for Alzheimer’s Research UK so that they can invest in finding treatments.

No one said running a marathon is easy (me included) but with a lot of planning and determination, I will get there!

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Dark frosty evening run



Head torch running