Emails, enquiries and bookings

So, I’m planning on walking the Pennine Way in Summer with my Dad. We might well be crazy to embark on a 270 mile (nearly) walk but it’s  a challenge that will see us taking in some beautiful sights as well as some cloud smothered views. We decided to do the walk a few months after my Dad got home from walking the Haute Route in the Alps. As the Pennine Way is a popular walking route, especially in July and August, we have had to be super organised and book our accommodation in advance. We have decided to treat ourselves to B&Bs along the route and the occasional hostel rather then camp.

There are lots of helpful guide books and websites to help plan the Pennine Way and where to stay along the route. I have the Official National Trail Guide by Damian Hall which offers lots of advice on how to prepare and then covers the route in detail. Dad and I have decided to walk from Edale to Kirk Yetholm – which is the way the guide books write about it and so made sense for us to do it this way too.


I also have inherited my Grandad’s Wainwright guide which might come in handy too. There will be some things that have changed but not much.


There was a frenzy of activity pre-Christmas when we booked accommodation – mostly via email, although some places require you to call up. We still have some items to confirm, like baggage transfers for parts of the trip where we aren’t lucky enough to stay with family. There are a few companies out there and it is a good idea to do some research before you book your accommodation. Some companies only transfer your baggage from certain places. We still need to work out what to do at the end of the walk and how to return home from Kirk Yetholm, but I’m sure we can work something out.

To keep track of everything we have booked and paid deposits for I have made a budget and itinerary in an excel spreadsheet. This shows where we have to pay on the day we arrive and anything we have paid in advance. The costs for a trip like this can add up so we are pleased that we have managed to spread out the costs over a number of months. There are of course options to make it even cheaper, like camping or staying in youth hostels. We found that the youth hostels were booked up well in advance. Planning and preparation is key.

Now we have the bulk of the admin sorted, we can get outdoors and get some training in. First however, I have to  run the London Marathon next Sunday. At least I know none of the walking days in the summer will be 26.2 miles.
Some helpful websites:
National Trails website
Pennine Way Association website

There are lots of blogs out there too, just search for Pennine Way blog and loads come up. Happy planning to anyone else doing the route and maybe see some of you out there this summer!