Whitby wanderings 

A little while ago I was in Whitby for a weekend. I had to complete 2 runs over a long weekend so got the chance to try out some routes that I have done before, but not for a couple of years!

If you haven’t been to Whitby, you should go! It’s a beautiful seaside town with stunning views even on a grey day. It’s famous for its Abbey and the 199 steps you have to walk up to get there as well as inspiring Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Whenever I visit, I usually fit it around food and find time for fish & chips or some sausage rolls from Botham’s.

The first run I did was a misty morning with the tide in. I wanted to run down along the beach and then back through the town. I forgot how steep the cliffs are! The only people out were dog walkers braving the wind. The summer chalets were all closed up waiting for the better weather and the floods of tourists.

Walking up the cliffs allowed for a breather and once away from the sea breeze I got running again. Through town I went exploring the streets and stumbling across new cafes and shops. It wasn’t the fastest run, but it still classes as miles under my belt.

Found my diner


On Sunday I planned a 16 mile route – at this stage in my training I only had 3 long runs left before the taper begins. North Yorkshire is considerably more hilly than Cambridgeshire and so I only managed 14 miles of it which wasn’t too bad going! Instead of writing about it, I’ll leave you with the photos below.

To get to the cinder track, I had to climb these steps. Also had to walk down them on the return!
Sheltered in places. This is the old train line that ran from Whitby to Scarborough. It closed in 1965.

Spectators along the route.


Overcast, the sun did come out in places.


Robin Hood’s Bay


Still plodding

Holiday homes with a view! 

Stunning sea view 

I’m running the Virgin Money London Marathon on 23 April to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK and if you’ve been inspired by my post or touched by this devastating disease, please sponsor me and help fund vital research. Click here to donate.


Thank you!

Find out more about Whitby, here.

The cinder track runs from Whitby to Scarborough. You can see the route here: https://www.scarborough.gov.uk/sites/default/files/files/The-Cinder-Track-Scarborough-Whitby.pdf  


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